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VISN - VisionChina Media, Inc.

VisionChina Media, Inc. logo VisionChina Media, Inc. (VISN) is a digital media company based in China that provides advertising and marketing solutions through its out-of-home advertising network using digital television displays located in high-traffic areas such as subways, buses, and elevators. The company operates through its subsidiary, VisionChina Media Group Co., Ltd., which operates the largest out-of-home digital television advertising network in China.

VisionChina's digital network covers over 90 cities in China, reaching over 200 million viewers daily. The company's advertising and marketing solutions are targeted to audiences in the transportation, healthcare, finance, and entertainment industries, among others.

In addition to its out-of-home advertising network, VisionChina also offers mobile and online advertising services through partnerships with mobile operators and online platforms. The company's mobile advertising solutions include targeted text message and multimedia message service campaigns, while its online advertising services include social media marketing and e-commerce solutions.

Founded in 2005, VisionChina Media went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 2007. However, in 2016, the company was delisted from the NASDAQ due to non-compliance with listing requirements. Since then, the company has been trading over the counter (OTC) under the ticker symbol VISN.




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