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VIIX - Credit Suisse AG

Credit Suisse AG logoVIIX is the ticker symbol for the VelocityShares Daily VIX Short-Term ETN, which is an exchange-traded note issued by Credit Suisse AG. The ETN is designed to provide investors with exposure to short-term VIX futures contracts, which are derivatives that track the expected volatility of the S&P 500 Index.

As an exchange-traded note, the VIIX does not represent ownership in a company or basket of underlying assets. Instead, it is a debt instrument that is subject to the credit risk of the issuer, Credit Suisse AG. Additionally, as a derivative product, the VIIX is subject to unique risks and challenges, such as market volatility and the potential for significant price swings.

Investors considering an investment in the VIIX should carefully evaluate the risks associated with the product, including the risks associated with credit risk, derivatives, and the VIX futures market. It is also important to note that the VIIX is designed to be a short-term trading vehicle, and may not be suitable for long-term investors seeking stable returns. As with any investment, investors should conduct their own research and consider their investment goals and risk tolerance before investing in the VIIX.




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