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Invesco California Value Municipal Income Trust, domiciled in the United States, is a closed-ended fixed income mutual fund managed by a consortium led by Invesco Ltd. This consortium includes Invesco Advisers, Inc., Invesco Asset Management entities from Japan, Germany, the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, and Invesco Senior Secured Management, Inc. Launched on April 30, 1993, the fund specializes in investing in the fixed income markets of the United States, with a specific focus on investment grade California municipal securities.

The fund's investment strategy centers on a rigorous fundamental analysis approach, emphasizing bottom-up security selection to build a diversified portfolio. Invesco California Value Municipal Income Trust primarily invests in a range of California municipal securities, including municipal bonds, municipal notes, municipal commercial paper, and lease obligations. This strategic allocation aims to capitalize on opportunities within California's municipal market while maintaining a disciplined approach to risk management and income generation.

Formerly known as Invesco Van Kampen California Value Municipal Income Trust, the fund reflects a legacy of expertise and continuity in municipal bond investing. It leverages Invesco's global resources and extensive research capabilities to navigate the complexities of municipal markets and optimize portfolio performance over the long term. Investors benefit from the fund's commitment to prudent investment practices and its ability to adapt to evolving market conditions.

Invesco California Value Municipal Income Trust remains dedicated to delivering stable income and capital preservation for its shareholders, supported by its established track record and adherence to high standards of investment stewardship. As part of Invesco Ltd., a renowned global investment management firm, the fund continues to uphold its reputation as a trusted choice for investors seeking exposure to California municipal bonds within a structured and well-managed investment vehicle.

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