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´╗┐Uber Technologies, Inc. develops and operates advanced technology platforms across a global footprint spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and beyond. Through its proprietary applications, Uber facilitates connections between consumers and independent providers offering ridesharing services, leveraging a diverse fleet that includes cars, motorbikes, auto rickshaws, minibuses, and taxis. In addition to mobility solutions, Uber's platform extends to delivery services, linking users with local restaurants, grocery stores, and other merchants for meal preparation, grocery shopping, and various other delivery needs.

Operating through three primary segments Mobility, Delivery, and Freight Uber caters to diverse consumer needs. The Mobility segment not only facilitates rides but also offers financial partnerships and vehicle solutions, enhancing accessibility and convenience for users worldwide. Meanwhile, the Delivery segment enables seamless ordering and delivery from restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores, expanding its reach into alcohol delivery and other essential goods. Lastly, the Freight segment connects carriers with shippers, providing transparent pricing and logistics services that streamline the shipping and transportation process.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Uber Technologies, Inc. originally launched as Ubercab, Inc. before rebranding in 2011. Today, Uber continues to innovate in the transportation and delivery sectors, emphasizing technological advancements and strategic partnerships to maintain its position as a leader in global mobility and logistics solutions.

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