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Security National Financial Corporation operates across multiple sectors including life insurance, cemetery and mortuary services, and mortgage lending. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company's diversified operations serve a broad spectrum of financial and end-of-life needs.

The Life Insurance segment of Security National Financial focuses on the sale and servicing of various life insurance products, annuities, accident, and health insurance. These offerings include funeral plans, interest-sensitive life insurance, and traditional life and health insurance products. The segment also engages in reinsurance activities with authorized unaffiliated reinsurers, managing and assuming risks through reinsurance treaties.

In its Cemetery and Mortuary segment, the company operates multiple mortuaries and cemeteries across Utah, California, and New Mexico. This segment provides a range of death care products and services, including plots, vaults, crypts, markers, caskets, and urns. Additionally, it offers professional funeral director services, chapel use, viewing rooms, graveside services, and funeral-related transportation and attire.

Security National Financial's Mortgages segment originates and underwrites residential and commercial loans. Primarily serving markets in Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Utah, the segment provides financing for new construction, existing homes, and real estate projects. It caters to real estate brokers, builders, and consumers directly, offering residential mortgage lending services to facilitate property acquisitions and refinancing.

Founded in 1965, Security National Financial Corporation continues to uphold its commitment to financial security and end-of-life services, leveraging its expertise across insurance, mortuary services, and mortgage lending to meet diverse customer needs with integrity and professionalism.

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