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Tejon Ranch Co., along with its subsidiaries, functions as a diversified real estate development and agribusiness enterprise. Organized into five distinct segments, the company's operations encompass Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Development, Resort/Residential Real Estate Development, Mineral Resources, Farming, and Ranch Operations. The Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Development division focuses on land planning, infrastructure construction, and the sale of developed land parcels to third parties for their own projects. It also manages leases for various properties including auto service stations, fast-food outlets, and communication infrastructure sites such as radio transmitters and fiber optic routes.

The Resort/Residential Real Estate Development segment undertakes comprehensive activities ranging from land entitlement and planning to pre-construction engineering, emphasizing stewardship and conservation practices. Tejon Ranch's Mineral Resources segment oversees diverse royalty interests including oil and gas, rock and aggregate, and royalties from a cement operation leased to National Cement Company of California, Inc. Additionally, this segment manages water assets and infrastructure projects critical to the region's sustainable development.

In the Farming segment, Tejon Ranch engages in the cultivation of permanent crops such as wine grapes, almonds, and pistachios across extensive acreage. It also oversees the farming of alfalfa, forage mix, and vegetable crops, demonstrating a commitment to agricultural diversity and sustainable farming practices. The Ranch Operations segment offers ancillary land services including game management, grazing leases, guided hunts, and filming locations, further enhancing the company's multi-faceted approach to land use and conservation. Founded in 1843 and headquartered in Lebec, California, Tejon Ranch Co. continues to play a pivotal role in regional development and agribusiness innovation.

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