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STRC - Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation

Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation logo Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation, a robotics and sensor company, designs, builds, and produces dexterous tele-operated robotic systems. Its products include Guardian S, an unmanned ground vehicle for security, inspection, and non-destructive testing available in a Robot-as-a-Service offering; Guardian GT, a big arm system or dual-armed human-controlled robot mounted on an agile tracked vehicle base for commercial, industrial, and first responder environments; and Guardian XO, a robot that features an exoskeleton suit; SenSuit controller garment for enhanced teleoperation of the Guardian XT (a highly dexterous mobile robotic system); and humanoid solutions. The company also provides advanced robotic systems for industry, entertainment; medical devices, including artificial limbs and vascular systems; and mechanical and electrical microsystems for practical applications. The company serves healthcare, life sciences, telecommunications, robotics, defense, and entertainment industries. Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.




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