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Sensata Technologies Holding NV logo Sensata Technologies Holding plc is a leading global provider of innovative sensors, sensor-based solutions, controls, and related products serving diverse industries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and beyond. Operating through two primary segments, Performance Sensing and Sensing Solutions, Sensata specializes in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge technologies tailored to meet the evolving needs of mission-critical systems and applications. The Performance Sensing segment focuses on the development and production of a wide array of sensors, high-voltage contactors, and other solutions vital for applications such as tire pressure monitoring, thermal management, electrical protection, regenerative braking, powertrain, and exhaust management. These advanced solutions are integral components in automotive, heavy vehicle, and off-road industries, contributing to enhanced performance, safety, and efficiency.

In addition to its Performance Sensing segment, Sensata Technologies also opperates its Sensing Solutions segment, which concentrates on delivering application-specific sensor and electrical protection products primarily catering to industrial and aerospace markets. This segment's product portfolio encompasses pressure and position sensors, motor and compressor protectors, high-voltage contactors, solid-state relays, bimetal electromechanical controls, power inverters, charge controllers, battery management systems, operator controls, and Internet of Things solutions. By offering a comprehensive range of specialized products, Sensing Solutions addresses the diverse needs of industrial and aerospace applications, ensuring reliability, precision, and efficiency across various operational environments.

Founded in 1916 and headquartered in Attleboro, Massachusetts, Sensata Technologies has a rich legacy of innovation and engineering excellence. With a relentless focus on technological advancement and customer-centric solutions, the company continues to pioneer breakthroughs in sensor technologies and related systems, driving progress and enabling smarter, more connected industries worldwide.


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