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SCCF - Sachem Capital Corp. 7.125% Notes Due 2027

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Sachem Capital Corp. is a real estate finance company that specializes in originating, servicing, and managing a portfolio of short-term loans secured by first mortgage liens on real property. The company operates in the United States and is headquartered in Branford, Connecticut.

In addition to its lending activities, Sachem Capital Corp. has issued several series of notes to fund its operations and growth initiatives. One such series is the 7.125% Notes Due 2027, traded under the ticker symbol SCCF. These notes were issued in 2020 and have a maturity date of August 31, 2027.

Investors who purchase SCCF notes are essentially lending money to Sachem Capital Corp. in exchange for regular interest payments and the return of their principal investment upon maturity. As with any investment in debt securities, there are risks associated with investing in SCCF notes, including the risk of default or non-payment of interest and principal.

Overall, Sachem Capital Corp. has demonstrated consistent growth and profitability in its lending operations, and its ability to access capital through debt issuances has helped fund its expansion. However, investors should carefully evaluate the risks and benefits of investing in SCCF notes, as well as the company's overall financial health and prospects for future growth.


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