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RTIX - RTI Surgical, Inc.

RTI Surgical, Inc. logo RTI Surgical, Inc. (RTIX) is a medical technology company that specializes in the design and development of surgical implants and instruments for the treatment of orthopedic and other surgical conditions. The company is based in Alachua, Florida and was founded in 1997.

As of market close on March 4th, 2023, the current market capitalization of RTIX was approximately $305.42 million.

RTI Surgical's products are designed to help surgeons and healthcare providers improve patient outcomes through innovative surgical solutions. The company's product portfolio includes spinal implants, biological implants, and instruments for use in a range of surgical procedures.

RTI Surgical has a strong research and development program, with a focus on developing new technologies and expanding its product offerings. The company has also pursued strategic partnerships and collaborations to further its research and development efforts.

In recent years, RTI Surgical has faced challenges due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the healthcare industry, as well as ongoing competitive pressures in the medical technology market. However, the company has worked to adapt to these challenges through cost-cutting measures and efforts to improve operational efficiency.

Overall, RTI Surgical is a company that is focused on developing innovative surgical solutions to improve patient outcomes. While the company has faced challenges in a competitive and rapidly evolving industry, it has shown resilience and adaptability in continuing to pursue its mission.




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