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ROKA - Roka Bioscience, Inc.

Roka Bioscience, Inc. logo Roka Bioscience, Inc. (ROKA) is a biotechnology company that focuses on developing molecular technologies and solutions for the detection of foodborne pathogens. The company is based in Wilmington, Massachusetts, and was founded in 2009.

As of market close on March 4th, 2023, the current market capitalization of ROKA was approximately $66.33 million.

Roka Bioscience's main product is the Atlas System, a fully automated molecular testing platform that enables rapid detection of foodborne pathogens in food samples. The system is designed to help food producers and testing laboratories improve their food safety programs and comply with regulatory requirements.

The company has faced some challenges in recent years due to intense competition in the food safety testing market and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its business. However, Roka Bioscience has worked to expand its product offerings and customer base, and has also pursued partnerships and collaborations to further its research and development efforts.

In 2021, Roka Bioscience announced a merger with Lupin Limited, an Indian pharmaceutical company, with the aim of creating a stronger player in the global food safety testing market. The merger is expected to expand Roka's reach and capabilities in the food safety industry.

Overall, Roka Bioscience is a company that is focused on improving food safety through the development of innovative molecular testing technologies. The company has faced some challenges in a competitive market but has worked to adapt and grow through partnerships and collaborations.




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