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PRXI - Premier Exhibitions, Inc.

Premier Exhibitions, Inc. logo Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (PRXI) is a company that specializes in producing museum-quality exhibitions, and owns and operates several exhibition businesses. Its flagship exhibition is "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition", which showcases artifacts recovered from the wreckage of the Titanic. The company also operates the "Bodies" exhibition, which displays human specimens preserved through plastination, and the "Dialog in the Dark" exhibition, which allows visitors to experience daily activities in complete darkness.

As of February 25, 2023, the market capitalization of PRXI is not available, as the company is currently delisted from the NASDAQ stock exchange. The company was delisted in 2018 due to its failure to meet listing requirements, and is currently trading on the OTC Pink market.

It should be noted that investing in OTC Pink-listed companies carries higher risks than investing in companies that are listed on major exchanges, as OTC Pink-listed companies are often smaller, less established, and may have limited financial disclosures. Investors should exercise caution and perform thorough research before investing in PRXI or any other OTC Pink-listed company.




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