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POSCO Holdings Inc., established in 1968 and headquartered in Pohang, South Korea, is a diversified conglomerate with a significant presence in the global steel industry. The company and its subsidiaries manufacture and market a wide range of steel products including hot and cold rolled steel, steel plates, wire rods, galvanized sheets, electrical steel, stainless steel, and titanium. POSCO also plays a crucial role in the design, construction, and operation of steel mills and associated facilities worldwide, providing comprehensive engineering and construction services.

Beyond steel production, POSCO Holdings operates across multiple sectors through its diversified business segments. The company is actively involved in international trading, facilitating the import and export of raw materials and steel products, and managing supply chain operations. Additionally, POSCO engages in power generation, network services, system integration, logistics, and various ancillary services such as intellectual property consulting, real estate development, and educational initiatives.

POSCO Holdings extends its influence further into resource development, mine operations, fuel cell technology, and environmental services like wastewater treatment and quicklime manufacturing. The company's expansive portfolio also includes ventures in IT services, electric control engineering, forest resources management, and social enterprise initiatives, reflecting its commitment to innovation and sustainable growth across diverse industries and markets globally.

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Stock Sector: Metals and Mining: Steel and Iron


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