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OVID - Ovid Therapeutics Inc

Ovid Therapeutics Inc logo Ovid Therapeutics Inc. (OVID) is a biopharmaceutical company that develops therapies for rare neurological disorders. The company's lead product candidate is OV101, a potential first-in-class treatment for Angelman syndrome and Fragile X syndrome, two genetic disorders that affect brain development and function. OV101 is a highly selective, small-molecule agonist of the GABAA receptor, which is believed to play a key role in the symptoms of these disorders. Ovid Therapeutics is also developing other therapies for the treatment of rare neurological disorders, including OV935/TAK-935, a potential treatment for developmental and epileptic encephalopathies. The company is headquartered in New York, New York, and as of September 2021, had a market capitalization of approximately $216 million.




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