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Owens & Minor, Inc., along with its subsidiaries, operates as a global healthcare solutions provider, serving both the United States and international markets. The company operates through two primary segments: Global Solutions and Global Products. The Global Solutions segment offers a comprehensive portfolio of medical and surgical supplies, encompassing both branded and proprietary products. Additionally, this segment provides an array of services to healthcare providers, including supplier management, analytics, inventory management, and clinical supply management. It also delivers logistics and marketing solutions to its suppliers through various specialized programs.

The Global Products segment of Owens & Minor focuses on the manufacturing and sourcing of medical and surgical products designed to prevent healthcare-associated infections. This segment's product portfolio includes sterilization wraps, surgical drapes and gowns, facial protection products, protective apparel, medical exam gloves, and custom and minor procedure kits. These products are distributed across acute and alternate site channels, catering to multi-facility networks of healthcare providers, independent hospitals, surgery centers, physicians' practices, and hospital networks, both directly and indirectly through third-party distributors.

Founded in 1882 and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Owens & Minor has a long-standing history in the healthcare industry. The company's commitment to providing high-quality products and innovative solutions has established it as a trusted partner for healthcare providers worldwide. With its extensive product offerings and value-added services, Owens & Minor continues to enhance healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes on a global scale.

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