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OGE Energy Corp., based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, operates as a leading energy and energy services provider across the United States through its subsidiaries. Established in 1902, the company specializes in the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electric energy, natural gas, crude oil, and natural gas liquids. OGE Energy serves approximately 879,000 retail electric customers within a service area spanning approximately 30,000 square miles across Oklahoma and western Arkansas.

The company's diversified generation portfolio includes coal-fired, natural gas-fired, wind-powered, and solar-powered generating assets. As of December 31, 2021, OGE Energy owned and operated an interconnected network of electric generation facilities, transmission systems, and distribution systems. This infrastructure comprised 16 generating stations with a combined capacity of 7,207 megawatts, as well as transmission systems featuring 54 substations and 5,122 structure miles of lines in Oklahoma, and 7 substations with 277 structure miles of lines in Arkansas.

OGE Energy's distribution systems are equally extensive, encompassing 350 substations, 29,494 structure miles of overhead lines, 3,365 miles of underground conduit, and 11,125 miles of underground conductors in Oklahoma. In Arkansas, the company operates 29 substations, 2,795 structure miles of overhead lines, 349 miles of underground conduit, and 662 miles of underground conductors. Committed to reliability and community service, OGE Energy continues to expand its infrastructure and invest in sustainable energy solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers and enhance energy efficiency across its operational regions.

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