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OBAS - Optibase Ltd.

Optibase Ltd. logo Optibase Ltd. (OBAS) is a publicly traded Israeli company that is primarily engaged in the real estate and video solutions businesses.

Optibase's real estate business involves the ownership and operation of properties primarily in Germany, Switzerland, and Miami, Florida. The company's properties include commercial and residential real estate, as well as hotels and resorts. Optibase's video solutions business involves the development and sale of advanced digital video technologies and products, including IPTV solutions, video encoders and decoders, and digital signage systems.

As of its most recent financial report in November 2021, Optibase reported net income of $5.5 million on revenues of $12.9 million for the third quarter of 2021. The company has a market capitalization of approximately $65 million as of March 2023.

Optibase faces challenges in both of its business segments, including the potential for changes in real estate markets and economic conditions that could impact the company's real estate investments, and competition from larger and more established players in the digital video technology industry.

It is important to note that investing in a company like Optibase carries risks, including the potential for changes in industry trends and technological disruptions that could impact the company's financial performance.




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