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Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation, a leading biopharmaceutical firm, is dedicated to pioneering drug research and development targeted at addressing the needs of the aging population across Canada, the United States, Europe, and beyond. At the forefront of its innovative pipeline is Fexapotide Triflutate (NX-1207), the company's flagship drug candidate. NX-1207 has successfully completed Phase III clinical trials for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia, undergone Phase II trials for low grade localized prostate cancer, and is currently undergoing preclinical studies for hepatocellular carcinoma.

In addition to its groundbreaking work in prostate health, Nymox Pharmaceutical also distinguishes itself through the development and commercialization of diagnostic tests. Notable among these are NicAlert and TobacAlert, which utilize urine or saliva to detect tobacco product usage. Furthermore, the company offers AlzheimAlert, an innovative urine assay designed to assist physicians in diagnosing Alzheimer's disease. Nymox Pharmaceutical remains committed to advancing drug treatments for Alzheimer's disease through ongoing research initiatives.

Established in 1989, Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation is headquarteredin Nassau, the Bahamas, strategically positioning itself at the nexus of global pharmaceutical innovation. With a strong focus on enhancing quality of life for aging populations worldwide, the company continues to forge ahead in its mission to develop transformative medical solutions that address unmet medical needs across a spectrum of therapeutic areas.

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