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NKX - Nuveen Ins CA Tx-Fr Adv Muni

Nuveen Ins CA Tx-Fr Adv Muni logo Nuveen Insured California Tax-Free is a closed-end fund (CEF) that invests in municipal bonds issued by California state and local governments. The fund's objective is to provide current income exempt from both regular federal income tax and California state personal income tax.

The fund is managed by Nuveen Asset Management, one of the largest managers of municipal bond funds in the United States. As of September 30, 2021, the fund had total net assets of approximately $1.3 billion and a portfolio of 168 different bond holdings, with an average credit quality of AA- and an effective duration of 6.2 years.

Investing in municipal bond CEFs like NKX can provide investors with tax-advantaged income and portfolio diversification. However, these funds can also carry risks such as interest rate risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk. It's important for investors to carefully consider these risks and do their own research before investing.


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