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Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc., headquartered in Laval, Canada, operates as a comprehensive and integrated health and wellness enterprise. Since its inception in 1998, Neptune has strategically built a robust portfolio of natural, plant-based, and sustainably sourced lifestyle brands and consumer packaged goods. These encompass a diverse array of markets within health and wellness, spanning nutraceuticals, organic baby food, personal care, and home care sectors. Key brands under Neptune's umbrella include Neptune Wellness, Forest Remedies, Biodroga, MaxSimil, Sprout, Nosh, and NurturMe.

Beyond product development and brand management, Neptune offers turnkey solutions across the health and wellness landscape. This includes providing comprehensive product development services and supply chain solutions tailored to business clients in the nutraceuticals and consumer packaged goods sectors. Neptune's expertise in formulation and manufacturing is complemented by its commitment to sustainability and purpose-driven innovation.

Neptune has forged strategic partnerships to enhance its market reach and product offerings. Notably, it collaborates with International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. to co-develop hemp-derived CBD products tailored for mass retail and health and wellness markets. This collaboration underscores Neptune's proactive approach in leveraging partnerships to expand its product portfolio and capitalize on emerging trends in the health and wellness sector.

With a solid foundation rooted in nearly two decades of industry experience, Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. continues to innovate and adapt to meet evolving consumer preferences and regulatory landscapes. Its headquarters in Laval serves as a hub for advancing research and development initiatives while maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability across all facets of its operations.

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