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NAT - Nordic American Tanker Ltd.

Nordic American Tanker Ltd. logo Nordic American Tanker Ltd (NAT) is an international tanker company that engages in the acquisition and operation of crude oil tankers. The company is focused on the transportation of crude oil and other petroleum products, and operates a fleet of Suezmax vessels, which are among the largest tankers that can navigate the Suez Canal.

As of its last market close, NAT had a market capitalization of approximately $444 million USD. The company had a fleet of 23 Suezmax tankers, with an average age of approximately 11.4 years. The company's vessels are primarily used for the transportation of crude oil and other petroleum products, and the company operates globally, with a particular focus on the Atlantic Basin.

Nordic American Tanker is focused on providing efficient and reliable transportation services for its customers, while maintaining a disciplined approach to vessel acquisition and operation. The company seeks to maintain a strong financial position and a conservative capital structure, with a goal of maximizing shareholder value over the long term.

Investing in NAT carries risks, including risks associated with fluctuations in tanker rates, changes in global oil supply and demand, and risks associated with the operation and maintenance of vessels. Additionally, the company is subject to regulatory and environmental risks, as well as risks associated with geopolitical events and global economic conditions. Investors should carefully consider these risks before making any investment decisions.


Stock Sector: Transportation: Shipping


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