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LNT Stock Report - Alliant Energy Corp.

Alliant Energy Corp. logo Alliant Energy Corp (LNT) is a publicly-traded utility holding company headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. The company is primarily engaged in providing regulated electricity and natural gas services to customers in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Alliant Energy operates through two main business segments: utility and non-utility. The utility segment is responsible for providing electricity and natural gas services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in its service territories. The non-utility segment includes investments in renewable energy, such as wind and solar, and the sale of related products and services.

Alliant Energy is committed to sustainability and has set a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 50% from 2005 levels by 2030. The company has been investing in renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as in energy storage technologies and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Alliant Energy is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol LNT. The company has a market capitalization of around $14 billion as of February 2023, and its stock has generally provided investors with stable returns and a consistent dividend income.


Stock Sector: Utilities: Electric Utilities


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