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LLNW - Limelight Networks, Inc.

Limelight Networks, Inc. logo Limelight Networks, Inc. is a global leader in providing digital content delivery solutions. The company operates a highly interconnected, global private network that enables delivery of digital content, including video, games, and software updates, to consumers across the globe. Limelight's network is designed to provide high performance, reliability, and security, with a focus on meeting the unique requirements of its customers in industries such as media and entertainment, gaming, software, and e-commerce.

The company's portfolio of solutions includes its Limelight Content Delivery Network (CDN), which provides high-speed delivery of digital content from origin servers to end-users, and its Limelight Video Platform, which enables the creation, management, and delivery of online video content. Limelight's CDN is designed to provide rapid delivery of content to end-users anywhere in the world, with support for a wide range of media formats and protocols. The company's video platform provides a range of tools for video publishing, management, and delivery, including live streaming, video on demand, and cloud transcoding.

Limelight Networks has a global customer base that includes many of the world's leading media companies, gaming companies, software providers, and e-commerce businesses. The company has a strong track record of innovation and has been recognized for its leadership in the industry by organizations such as Frost & Sullivan and Streaming Media.

In addition to its strong product portfolio, Limelight Networks has a highly experienced management team with deep expertise in the digital content delivery industry. The company is led by CEO Robert Lento, who has more than 30 years of experience in the technology industry, including prior leadership roles at Akamai Technologies and Telebit Corporation.

Despite strong competition from other players in the industry, Limelight Networks has continued to grow its business and expand its customer base. The company's financial performance has been solid, with consistent revenue growth and profitability. In 2020, the company reported total revenue of $229.4 million, an increase of 9% compared to the prior year, and net income of $10.2 million.

Overall, Limelight Networks is a strong player in the digital content delivery industry, with a robust portfolio of solutions, a global customer base, and a highly experienced management team. The company's focus on innovation and commitment to meeting the unique needs of its customers has enabled it to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry, and it is well-positioned to continue growing in the years ahead.




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