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KZ - KongZhong Corporation

KongZhong Corporation logo KongZhong Corporation (KZ) is a Chinese provider of mobile entertainment and wireless value-added services. The company operates through two main business segments: mobile games and WVAS (wireless value-added services).

In the mobile games segment, KZ develops and distributes a range of popular games for mobile devices. The company's portfolio includes games such as World of Tanks Blitz, Poker Knight, and Chrono Tales. In the WVAS segment, KZ offers a variety of mobile services including mobile payments, mobile media, and mobile marketing.

KZ's services are primarily marketed and distributed through various mobile operators and third-party app stores in China. The company has also expanded its reach through partnerships with leading global gaming companies such as Electronic Arts and Blizzard Entertainment.

As a Chinese company, KZ is subject to regulatory and economic risks specific to China, such as changes in government policies and restrictions on foreign investment. The company also faces competition in the highly competitive mobile gaming and WVAS markets.

Investors considering KZ should carefully evaluate these risks and other factors before investing, and should seek professional financial advice if needed.




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