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ISNS - Image Sensing Systems, Inc.

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. logo Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISNS) is a technology company that develops and markets software-based detection solutions for the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) sector. The company's products are used for traffic management, law enforcement, security, and parking management applications. ISNS offers a range of solutions including the Autoscope Video Detection product line, RTMS Radar Detection product line, and CitySync License Plate Recognition (LPR) product line.

The Autoscope product line includes video detection products used to monitor traffic flow and detect incidents, while the RTMS product line includes radar detection products used to monitor traffic and provide data to help manage traffic. The CitySync LPR product line includes license plate recognition products used by law enforcement and security personnel to detect and identify vehicles.

ISNS is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota and was founded in 1984. The company sells its products globally through a network of distributors and system integrators. Its customers include government agencies, airports, parking facilities, and law enforcement organizations.

In recent years, ISNS has expanded its product portfolio and entered into strategic partnerships to drive growth. In 2019, the company announced a partnership with Econolite Group to integrate its Autoscope products with Econolite's traffic management systems. In 2020, ISNS announced a partnership with Iteris, Inc. to provide integrated detection and traffic management solutions for the ITS market.

Overall, ISNS operates in a niche market with significant growth potential as demand for ITS solutions increases. However, the company faces competition from larger, more established players in




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