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The India Fund, Inc. is a closed-end equity mutual fund overseen by Aberdeen Standard Investments (Asia) Limited, specializing in investments within India's public equity markets. The fund targets a diversified portfolio across small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap companies, employing a rigorous methodology that combines quantitative and fundamental analysis. This approach includes bottom-up stock selection and strategic asset allocation to optimize returns.

To gauge its performance, the fund benchmarks against the IFC Investable India Index, ensuring transparency and alignment with market dynamics. Established on December 27, 1993, The India Fund, Inc. operates under the regulatory framework domiciled in Singapore, leveraging Aberdeen Standard Investments' extensive expertise in navigating emerging market investments and delivering value to its shareholders.

By focusing on India's dynamic equity landscape, the fund aims to capitalize on growth opportunities across sectors, reflecting its commitment to achieving sustainable long-term returns. With a strategic emphasis on both quantitative analysis and fundamental insights, The India Fund, Inc. remains positioned to navigate market fluctuations and capitalize on emerging trends within India's vibrant economic environment.

Headquartered in Singapore, The India Fund, Inc. continues to uphold its mandate of delivering competitive investment outcomes while adhering to robust risk management practices. As part of Aberdeen Standard Investments' global platform, the fund benefits from a comprehensive research framework and deep market insights, ensuring it remains a trusted vehicle for investors seeking exposure to India's evolving equity markets.

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