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Intellicheck, Inc., headquartered in Melville, New York, is a pioneering technology company specializing in developing, integrating, and marketing advanced solutions for threat identification and identity authentication primarily within the United States. Established in 1994, the company focuses on delivering robust products aimed at preventing bank and retail fraud, enhancing law enforcement capabilities in threat detection, and advancing mobile and handheld access control and security systems.

At the core of Intellicheck's offerings are its identity systems products, including the Intellicheck Platform, which verifies the validity of IDs, matches them to the presenting individual, and assesses a risk score to mitigate potential business risks. The company also provides IDN-Portal for mobile ID scanning, IDN-Portal+ for enhanced retail scanning and data analytics, and IDN-Direct for additional data access and decision-making support through risk assessment capabilities.

Intellicheck extends its capabilities with the State Aware Software solution, ensuring compliance with electronic reading laws by regulating information scanned from IDs based on specific state regulations. Its diverse product range includes data collection devices compatible with various devices such as credit card terminals, PDAs, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and point-of-sale terminals, facilitating broad application across different industries.

Catering to government, military, and commercial sectors, Intellicheck continues to innovate in identity verification technologies, bolstering security measures and operational efficiencies for its clients. With a strong commitment to technological advancement and regulatory compliance, the company remains at the forefront of providing reliable solutions that safeguard businesses and enhance public safety nationwide.

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