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Tekla Healthcare Investors, a closed-ended equity mutual fund, was established and is currently managed by Tekla Capital Management LLC. Founded on October 31, 1986, and based in the United States, the fund specializes in investing in the global public equity markets. It focuses specifically on companies within the healthcare sector, encompassing biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals industries.

The fund's investment strategy centers on growth stocks of small-cap companies. Utilizing fundamental analysis, Tekla Healthcare Investors evaluates factors such as market positioning of products or services, management expertise, technological innovation, and financial strategies for sustainable growth. This approach aims to build a diversified portfolio that can capitalize on both internal cash flows and external capital sources.

Tekla Healthcare Investors measures its portfolio performance against prominent indices including the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index, the S&P 500 Index, and the S&P 1500 Healthcare Index. This comparative framework helps assess the fund's relative market performance and strategic alignment within the healthcare investment landscape.

Formerly known as H&Q Healthcare Investors, Tekla Healthcare Investors continues to uphold a legacy of strategic investment management and a commitment to fostering growth opportunities within the dynamic healthcare sector. With a long-standing presence and a focused investment approach, the fund remains dedicated to delivering value to its investors through disciplined portfolio management and strategic market positioning.

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