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ESS Tech, Inc., headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, operates as a pioneering energy storage company specializing in the design and manufacture of iron flow batteries tailored for commercial and utility-scale applications globally. Established in 2011, the company has emerged as a leader in sustainable energy solutions, focusing on enhancing grid stability, renewable integration, and energy efficiency through innovative storage technologies.

At the forefront of its product portfolio are the Energy Warehouse and Energy Center solutions. The Energy Warehouse serves as a behind-the-meter storage solution, empowering commercial and industrial customers to optimize energy consumption, reduce peak demand charges, and enhance energy resilience. On the other hand, the Energy Center represents a front-of-the-meter solution, supporting utility-scale deployments aimed at grid balancing, frequency regulation, and renewable energy integration.

ESS Tech, Inc. distinguishes itself through its commitment to advancing iron flow battery technology, characterized by its scalability, long-duration storage capabilities, and environmental sustainability. By harnessing the inherent advantages of iron chemistry, the company addresses key challenges in energy storage, including cost-effectiveness, operational reliability, and environmental impact.

Led by a visionary team of energy industry experts and engineers, ESS Tech, Inc. continues to expand its footprint and technological capabilities. The company's strategic focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions underscores its role in driving the transition towards a decarbonized energy future. Through strategic partnerships and ongoing research and development efforts, ESS Tech, Inc. remains dedicated to shaping the landscape of energy storage and contributing to global efforts for a sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure.

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