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Granite Construction Incorporated, based in Watsonville, California, operates as a prominent infrastructure contractor and construction materials producer within the United States. The company functions through two main segments: Construction and Materials. The Construction segment focuses on the building and rehabilitation of roads, bridges, rail lines, airports, marine ports, and dams, in addition to pavement preservation and site development projects. It also undertakes water-related construction for municipal agencies, commercial water suppliers, industrial facilities, and energy companies, ensuring a comprehensive range of public and private sector projects.

The company extends its expertise to complex projects such as infrastructure/site development, mining, public safety, tunnels, solar, and power projects, showcasing its versatility and capacity for large-scale under takings. Granite Construction's Materials segment is dedicated to producing aggregates and asphalt, serving both internal construction needs and external sales to third parties. This segment supports site preparation, mining, and infrastructure services for a variety of developments, including residential, energy, commercial, and industrial sites.

In addition to its core construction and materials operations, Granite Construction provides professional construction management services, ensuring efficient project execution and quality outcomes. The company's diverse clientele includes federal agencies, state departments of transportation, local transit authorities, public works departments, school districts, developers, utilities, contractors, landscapers, manufacturers, retailers, homeowners, farmers, brokers, and private owners of various sites. This broad customer base highlights Granite's extensive reach and adaptability across multiple sectors.

Founded in 1922, Granite Construction has built a legacy of reliability and excellence in the infrastructure industry. The company's strategic focus on delivering high-quality construction and materials solutions has solidified its position as a key player in the market, committed to supporting the nation's growing infrastructure needs.

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