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GTIV - Gentiva Health Services, Inc.

Gentiva Health Services, Inc. logo Gentiva Health Services, Inc. (GTIV) is a provider of home health and hospice services in the United States. The company offers a range of clinical services to patients in their homes, including skilled nursing, therapy, and personal care. Gentiva operates through a network of locations across the country and serves patients in both urban and rural areas.

Gentiva had a market capitalization of approximately $1.8 billion. The company reported total revenues of $1.8 billion for the full year 2020, representing a decrease from $1.9 billion in the previous year. Gentiva's net income for the same period was $77.9 million, representing an increase from $65.6 million in the previous year.

Gentiva's focus on providing home health and hospice services may be attractive to patients who prefer to receive care in their homes rather than in a hospital or nursing home setting. The company's nationwide network of locations may also give it a competitive advantage in reaching patients in different geographic areas. Gentiva may also benefit from demographic trends, such as an aging population and an increasing preference for home-based care.

However, Gentiva faces challenges in the highly regulated healthcare industry, including regulatory compliance, changes in reimbursement rates, and a shortage of skilled healthcare professionals. The company's business may also be affected by changes in healthcare policy and the overall economic environment.

Gentiva's stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol GTIV. Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and other factors before investing in Gentiva or any other healthca




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