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Genworth Financial, Inc. provides a variety of insurance products in the United States and internationally. The company operates through three segments: Enact, U.S. Life Insurance, and Runoff. The Enact segment offers mortgage insurance products that primarily cover prime-based, individually underwritten residential mortgage loans, as well as pool mortgage insurance products. The U.S. Life Insurance segment provides long-term care insurance products, along with traditional life insurance and fixed annuity products within the U.S. The Runoff segment encompasses variable annuity, variable life insurance, corporate-owned life insurance, and funding agreements.

Genworth Financial distributes its products through its sales force, in-house sales reppresentatives, and digital marketing programs. This multi-channel approach helps the company reach a broad range of customers and meet diverse insurance needs. The company's extensive product offerings and strategic distribution channels are designed to provide comprehensive insurance solutions to individuals and families.

Founded in 1871, Genworth Financial is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. With a long history in the insurance industry, the company continues to focus on innovation and customer service, aiming to offer reliable financial protection and peace of mind to its clients.

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