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Gaia, Inc. operates a digital video subscription service and online community catering to a diverse member base across the United States, Canada, Australia, and beyond. The company offers access to a vast digital content library boasting approximately 10,000 titles available in Spanish, German, and French languages, accessible on internet-connected devices. Gaia's platform features specialized channels such as Yoga, which provides a wide range of yoga and Eastern arts classes, the Transformation channel focusing on spiritual growth and personal development, the Alternative Healing channel highlighting holistic health practices and nutrition, and the Seeking Truth channel featuring experts and thought leaders in alternative media.

In addition to its subscription service, Gaia operates the websites and, serving as hubs for community engagement and content discovery. The company enhances its original content offerings through strategic licensing agreements, ensuring a robust and comprehensive viewing experience for its members. Originally founded as Gaiam, Inc. in 1988 and rebranded as Gaia, Inc. in July 2016, the company is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, and continues to innovate in the digital entertainment space.

Gaia remains committed to expanding its content library and fostering a community-driven platform where individuals can explore diverse topics ranging from wellness and spirituality to alternative healing practices and beyond. By leveraging technology and partnerships, Gaia aims to enrich the lives of its members with insightful, educational, and transformative content that aligns with their personal and spiritual growth journeys.

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