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EFAD - Trust MSCI EAFE Dividend Growers ETF

Trust MSCI EAFE Dividend Growers ETF logoThe ProShares MSCI EAFE Dividend Growers ETF (EFAD) seeks to provide exposure to companies with a history of consistently growing dividends in developed markets outside of North America. The fund tracks the MSCI EAFE Dividend Masters Index and invests in companies that have increased their dividends for at least 10 consecutive years. The index is designed to include companies that have shown a high level of consistency in their dividend payments, making it a good choice for investors seeking income and stability.

EFAD is relatively new, having been launched in late 2020. It has an expense ratio of 0.50%, which is slightly higher than the average for ETFs. As of March 2023, the fund holds around 60 stocks from various sectors, with financials being the largest sector weighting. Japan, the United Kingdom, and France are the top country exposures.

Investors who want exposure to large-cap companies outside of North America with a history of dividend growth may find EFAD to be a suitable option. However, it's important to note that EFAD's concentration in financials may make it more sensitive to market and economic fluctuations. Additionally, its relatively high expense ratio may make it less attractive to cost-conscious investors.




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