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DCIX - Diana Containerships Inc.

Diana Containerships Inc. logo Diana Containerships Inc. (DCIX) was a shipping company that operated a fleet of container vessels. The company was founded in 2010 and was headquartered in Athens, Greece.

Diana Containerships' fleet consisted of container vessels that were chartered out to other shipping companies on a short-term basis. The company's vessels primarily operated in the container shipping market, which transports goods in large containers on ships.

In 2019, Diana Containerships announced that it had sold its entire fleet and was no longer operating as a shipping company. The sale was part of the company's strategic plan to exit the container shipping market and focus on other business opportunities.

As a result of the sale, Diana Containerships Inc. is no longer a publicly traded company. However, its legacy continues through its contributions to the container shipping industry and through the many customers who have benefited from its services over the years. The sale also provided Diana Containerships shareholders with the opportunity to realize value from their investment in the company.




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