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CRESW - Cresud S.A.C.I.F. y A.

Cresud S.A.C.I.F. y A. logo Cresud S.A.C.I.F. y A. (CRESW) is an Argentina-based agricultural company that is primarily engaged in the production of crops such as soybeans, corn, wheat, and cotton. The company also has operations in livestock production and real estate development.

Cresud's agricultural business operates through its subsidiary, IRSA Propiedades Comerciales, which owns and leases commercial properties in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The company's livestock business is conducted through its subsidiary, BrasilAgro, which operates in Brazil and is focused on beef and dairy production.

In addition to its agricultural and livestock operations, Cresud is also involved in real estate development, primarily in Argentina. The company owns and manages several commercial and residential properties, as well as shopping centers and office buildings.

Cresud was founded in 1936 and is headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol CRESW. As of my knowledge cutoff of September 2021, Cresud was facing a range of challenges, including economic and political instability in Argentina, as well as fluctuations in commodity prices and weather patterns that can affect crop yields. However, the company has a long history and a strong presence in the agricultural industry, and it has taken steps to diversify its business through its real estate and livestock




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