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Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc., a distinguished specialty pharmaceutical firm, focuses on the strategic acquisition, development, and global commercialization of prescription products catering to critical medical needs in hospital acute care, gastroenterology, rheumatology, and oncology sectors. Operating within the United States and internationally, the company has built a robust portfolio featuring Acetadote, an injectable treatment for acetaminophen poisoning, and Caldolor, an injectable for pain and fever management.

The company's product offerings extend to Kristalose, a prescription laxative oral solution designed for both chronic and acute constipation relief, and Omeclamox-Pak, addressing Helicobacter pylori infection and duodenal ulcer disease. Cumberland Pharmaceuticals also provides Vaprisol for euvolemic and hypervolemic hyponatremia treatment, and Vibativ, an injectable combating serious bacterial infections such as hospital-acquired pneumonia and skin structure infections.

In its commitment to advancing therapeutic solutions, Cumberland Pharmaceuticals is actively developing RediTrex, an injectable aimed at managing rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, severe psoriatic arthritis, and disabling psoriasis. The company's pipeline includes ifetroban, currently in Phase II clinical trials for conditions like aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease and systemic sclerosis, with completed trials for hepatorenal syndrome and portal hypertension.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Cumberland Pharmaceuticals was established in 1999. The company continues to expand its clinical programs, exploring applications of ifetroban in progressive fibrosing interstitial lung diseases and advancing a Phase II clinical trial for a cholesterol-reducing agent tailored for hospital settings. Cumberland Pharmaceuticals remains dedicated to enhancing patient care through innovative pharmaceutical solutions, leveraging its expertise to address unmet medical needs globally.

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