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CEFS - Exchange Listed Funds Trust ETF

Exchange Listed Funds Trust ETF logoThe Exchange Listed Funds Trust ETF, ticker symbol CEFS, is an actively managed fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of closed-end funds across different asset classes, including equity, fixed income, and alternative investments. The fund aims to provide high current income and capital appreciation through investments in closed-end funds with attractive valuations and income-producing capabilities.

CEFS was launched on May 22, 2018, and has an expense ratio of 1.41%. The fund is managed by UBS Financial Services Inc. and is structured as a fund-of-funds, which means that it invests in other funds rather than individual securities.

Investors in CEFS may benefit from its diversification across asset classes, as well as the potential for higher yields from closed-end funds. Closed-end funds can offer higher yields than open-end funds because they trade on exchanges like stocks and are subject to supply and demand dynamics, which can cause discounts or premiums to their net asset values. CEFS seeks to take advantage of these discounts to buy closed-end funds at attractive prices and generate higher yields for investors.

However, CEFS may be subject to market volatility and risks associated with closed-end funds, such as leverage, interest rate risk, and credit risk. The fund's performance may also be affected by changes in the performance of the closed-end funds it invests in, as well as changes in the market conditions of the underlying asset classes.

Overall, CEFS may be suitable for investors looking for diversification across asset classes and exposure to closed-end funds, as well as the potential for higher yields. However, investors should carefully consider the risks and expenses associated with the fund before making any investment decisions.




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