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CEF - Central Fund Of Canada Ltd

Central Fund Of Canada Ltd logo Central Fund of Canada Ltd. (CEF) is a closed-end investment fund that invests primarily in gold and silver bullion. The fund holds physical gold and silver bars in secure vaults in Canada and offers investors a convenient way to invest in precious metals.

As of its last market close, CEF had a market capitalization of approximately $3.3 billion USD. The fund had a net asset value of approximately $2.7 billion USD, with approximately 54% invested in gold and 44% invested in silver. CEF's stock price had a 52-week range of $13.33 - $18.15 USD and was trading at approximately $16.03 USD at the time of its last market close.

Central Fund of Canada is focused on providing investors with exposure to gold and silver bullion, which can act as a hedge against inflation and economic instability. The fund is also committed to enhancing its operational efficiency and improving its financial performance.

Investing in CEF carries risks, including risks associated with changes in commodity prices and market volatility, as well as risks associated with changes in foreign exchange rates and political risks. Additionally, Central Fund of Canada is subject to risks associated with changes in the regulations governing investment funds and the taxation of precious metals investments. Investors should carefully consider these risks before making any investment decisions.


Stock Sector: Metals and Mining: Industrial Metals & Minerals


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