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CCIH - ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.

ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. logo ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. (CCIH) is a leading provider of content delivery network and internet data center services in China. The company's services help enterprises and other customers to enhance the reliability and scalability of their internet infrastructure and improve the performance and security of their websites and applications.

ChinaCache's services include content delivery network (CDN) services, Internet data center (IDC) services, cloud computing services, and other value-added services. Its CDN services are designed to accelerate the delivery of web content, streaming video, and other applications to users across China and other parts of the world. The company's IDC services provide businesses with secure and reliable data center facilities and network infrastructure to support their operations.

Founded in 1998, ChinaCache has a strong presence in China, with over 250 cities covered by its CDN network, and more than 40 IDCs located throughout the country. The company serves a wide range of customers, including government agencies, banks, e-commerce companies, and other enterprises.

In recent years, ChinaCache has been expanding its services beyond China and into other markets, including Southeast Asia and the United States. The company has established partnerships with international content providers and technology companies to expand its reach and capabilities.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. was listed on the NASDAQ Global Market and had a market capitalization of approximately $1




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