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CANE - Teucrium Sugar

Teucrium Sugar logo CANE (Teucrium Sugar Fund) is an exchange-tradded fund (ETF) that seeks to provide investors with exposure to sugar futures contracts. The ETF is managed by Teucrium Trading, a Connecticut-based asset management company that specializes in commodity ETFs.

As a commodity ETF, CANE invests in futures contracts for sugar, which are agreements to buy or sell a specified amount of sugar at a predetermined price and date in the future. The ETF seeks to track the performance of the benchmark Teucrium Sugar Index, which reflects the price movements of sugar futures contracts traded on major commodity exchanges.

As of September 2021, the CANE ETF had total net assets of around $50 million and was invested primarily in sugar futures contracts. The fund's holdings are managed by the investment professionals at Teucrium Trading, who have extensive experience in managing commodity ETFs.

In terms of performance, CANE's returns can be influenced by a range of factors that affect the global supply and demand for sugar. These factors include weather conditions, government policies, and fluctuations in currency exchange rates. As a result, the ETF can be subject to significant price volatility, and its performance may not always align with the performance of other asset classes.

Investing in a commodity ETF like CANE carries significant risks, including the potential for loss of the initial investment. Additionally, investors should be aware that commodity ETFs are intended to be short-term trading tools and are not recommended for long-term investments.

Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives and risk tolerance before investing in CANE or any other commodity ETF. It is also important to note that investing in individual commodities carries significant risks, and investors should consider diversifying their investments across different asset classes to reduce their exposure to market




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