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Bridgford Foods Corporation, along with its subsidiaries, is a prominent manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of frozen, refrigerated, and snack food products across the United States. Organized into two key segments Frozen Food Products and Snack Food Products the company specializes in a diverse range of offerings including biscuits, bread dough items, roll dough items, and dry sausage and beef jerky products. Bridgford Foods supplies approximately 130 frozen food products to food service and retail customers through a network of wholesalers, cooperatives, and distributors. Additionally, it distributes around 160 snack food items to supermarkets, mass merchandise outlets, and convenience stores via customer-owned distribution centers and a direct store delivery network.

Founded in 1932 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Bridgford Foods Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Bridgford Industries Incorporated. The company's extensive product portfolio caters to a broad spectrum of consumer preferences and retail channels, emphasizing quality and convenience in its offerings. Bridgford Foods maintains a strong market presence through strategic partnerships and a commitment to delivering innovative food solutions that meet evolving consumer demands.

Committed to growth and customer satisfaction, Bridgford Foods continues to expand its distribution capabilities and product lines while upholding its longstanding reputation for excellence in food manufacturing and distribution. With a foundation rooted in decades of industry expertise, the company remains dedicated to enhancing its market position and driving continued success in the competitive food industry landscape.

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Stock Sector: Food and Beverages: Meat Products


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