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Boulevard Acquisition Corp. - BLVDW is the warrant issued by Boulevard Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that went public in November 2020 with the goal of acquiring a target company. The BLVDW warrants entitle the holder to purchase one share of BLVD common stock at a price of $11.50 per share.

Like other SPAC warrants, BLVDW warrants have a longer-term expiration date than options contracts, with an exercise period of five years from the initial public offering (IPO) date, or until November 24, 2025. However, unlike options contracts, warrants do not give the holder any voting rights or ownership in the underlying company until the warrants are exercised.

Investors should be aware that investing in warrants, especially those issued by SPACs, can be highly speculative and carries significant risks. The value of the warrants can be highly volatile, and investors should carefully consider their risk tolerance before investing in them. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the SPAC will be successful in acquiring a target company, and even if it does, there is no guarantee that the acquired company will be successful in the long term. As such, investing in BLVDW warrants should be done with caution and after careful consideration of the associated risks.


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