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Books logo Books-A-Million, Inc. (BAMM) is a bookstore chain based in the United States. The company operates over 200 stores in 32 states and the District of Columbia, as well as an online store that offers a wide selection of books, magazines, eBooks, and other reading materials.

In addition to books, Books-A-Million also sells a variety of other products, including music, movies, toys, games, and gifts. The company's stores often host events, such as book signings and author appearances, to engage with customers and promote literacy.

Books-A-Million was founded in 1917 and is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. The company has a long history of serving communities with its bookstores and is committed to providing its customers with a broad selection of reading materials and an enjoyable shopping experience.

As of February 2023, Books-A-Million, Inc. (BAMM) is still an active company, and its shares are not publicly traded. The company remains a major bookseller in the United States and continues to expand its presence with new stores and offerings.




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