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Atlanticus Holdings Corporation specializes in providing a wide array of credit and financial services and products to customers throughout the United States. The company operates primarily through two distinct segments: Credit as a Service and Auto Finance. Within the Credit as a Service segment, Atlanticus originates a diverse range of consumer loan products, including private label and general purpose credit cards, which are facilitated by various lenders across multiple channels. These channels encompass retail partnerships, healthcare providers, direct mail solicitation, digital marketing initiatives, and collaborations with third-party entities. Atlanticus facilitates credit offerings that enable consumers to finance purchases spanning consumer electronics, furniture, elective medical procedures, healthcare services, educational expenses, and home improvements in partnership with retailers and service providers.

Atlanticus Holdings Corporation extends its services beyond loan origination by providding comprehensive loan servicing solutions. These services encompass risk management, customer service outsourcing for third-party entities, and strategic investments in consumer finance technology platforms. The company leverages its expertise to optimize operational efficiencies and enhance customer experiences in the consumer credit market.

In addition to its Credit as a Service operations, Atlanticus operates an Auto Finance seggment that specializes in acquiring and servicing loans secured by automobiles. These loans are sourced from a qualified network of independent automotive dealers and automotive finance companies, particularly within the buy-here, pay-here, and used car business models. The segment also offers floor plan financing and installment lending products, supporting the financial needs of dealerships and consumers alike.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanticus Holdings Corporation has established itself as a pivotal player in the financial services industry. The company's strategic focus on diversified credit offerings, innovative servicing solutions, and strategic investments underscores its commitment to delivering tailored financial solutions and driving growth in the dynamic consumer credit and auto finance markets across the United States.

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