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Allogene Therapeutics Inc. (ALLO) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing allogeneic CAR T (AlloCAR T) therapies for cancer patients. The company is headquartered in South San Francisco, California and was founded in 2018.

Allogene's lead product candidate, ALLO-501, is an AlloCAR T therapy targeting CD19 for the treatment of relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma. The company also has several other product candidates in preclinical development, including therapies targeting BCMA for multiple myeloma and CD70 for renal cell carcinoma.

Allogene's proprietary technology platform is designed to enable the production of "off-the-shelf" CAR T therapies using cells from healthy donors, rather than from the individual patient being treated. This approach could potentially allow for faster and more cost-effective manufacturing of CAR T therapies, and could potentially increase patient access to these treatments.

As of September 2021, Allogene had a market capitalization of approximately $4.9 billion.

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