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Autobytel Inc. (ABTL) is a leading provider of online automotive services and marketing solutions to car dealers and manufacturers in the United States. The company operates several popular websites, including,, and, which provide consumers with a range of services related to car buying and ownership, such as pricing information, vehicle reviews, and financing options.

ABTL's primary customers are car dealers and manufacturers, who use the company's services to reach potential customers and increase sales. The company offers a range of marketing solutions, including lead generation, advertising, and website design and management, and has established strong relationships with many of the major automotive brands in the United States.

In addition to its online automotive services, ABTL also operates a data analytics division, which provides business intelligence and predictive analytics services to car dealers and manufacturers. The division uses advanced analytics techniques to analyze large volumes of data and provide insights into consumer behavior and market trends, helping its customers to make more informed business decisions.

ABTL has faced significant challenges in recent years, including increased competition in the online automotive services market and changes in consumer behavior and car buying habits. The company has responded by investing in new technologies and services, such as mobile apps and virtual reality experiences, and expanding its international presence through partnerships and acquisitions.

Despite these challenges, ABTL remains a leader in the online automotive services market, with a strong reputation for innovation and customer service. The company's focus on providing high-quality services and solutions to its customers, combined with its strong relationships with the major automotive brands in the United States, position it well to continue growing and expanding its business in the years ahead.


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