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ABGB - Abengoa, S.A.

Abengoa, S.A. logo Abengoa S.A. (ABGB) is a Spanish multinational company that specializes in the engineering and construction of sustainable infrastructure projects. The company operates in several industries, including energy, water, telecommunications, and transportation, and has a global presence with operations in over 50 countries.

ABGB's core business activities include the development, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy power plants, water treatment facilities, and other sustainable infrastructure projects. The company's renewable energy portfolio includes solar, wind, and biomass projects, and it has played a leading role in the development of concentrated solar power (CSP) technology.

In addition to its engineering and construction activities, ABGB also operates as an independent power producer (IPP), selling electricity and other products to a variety of customers, including utilities, governments, and commercial and industrial customers. The company has also been involved in the development of advanced biofuels and other renewable energy technologies.

ABGB has faced a number of financial challenges in recent years, including a large debt burden and significant losses on certain projects. In 2016, the company filed for bankruptcy protection in Spain, and has since undergone a major restructuring process aimed at reducing its debt and refocusing its business activities.

Despite these challenges, ABGB remains a major player in the global sustainable infrastructure market, with a strong track record in developing innovative and complex projects. The company's expertise in renewable energy and other sustainable technologies, combined with its global reach and extensive experience in project development and construction, position it well to capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable infrastructure solutions around the world.




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