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Aoxin Tianli Group, Inc. (ABAC) is a diversified company engaged in the production and sale of pork, as well as related products such as processed pork products, pet food, and organic fertilizers. The company operates through its subsidiaries in China.

ABAC's main business is pork production, and the company has modern pig farms that are equipped with advanced breeding and feeding technologies. The company has implemented a vertically integrated business model that includes the entire production process from breeding and raising pigs to processing and selling pork products.

In addition to pork production, ABAC has diversified its business by entering the pet food market. The company's subsidiary, Tieling Wanshunda Pet Food Co. Ltd., produces and sells pet food made from pork and other natural ingredients.

ABAC is also involved in the production and sale of organic fertilizers, which are made from the waste generated by the company's pig farms. The company's organic fertilizers are sold to local farmers and used to improve soil quality and crop yields.

Overall, ABAC is a diversified company with a strong presence in the Chinese pork market. The company's vertically integrated business model and advanced breeding and feeding technologies give it a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, ABAC's entry into the pet food and organic fertilizer markets provides it with additional sources of revenue and diversifies its business. However, investors should be aware of potential risks related to regulatory changes and disease outbreaks in the pork industry.


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