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Computer hard disk is divided into small segments called clusters. Usually a file spans several clusters however it is rarely that the size of a file turns out to be a multiple of cluster size. Normally the last cluster is only partially filled with data, the unused space in the last cluster is called cluster tip. When working with files this cluster tip area may contain sensitive data because the size of the file you are working with may grow or shrink. In a latter case cluster tip area would have to be securely deleted too. Advanced File Shredder has a feature of ensuring that cluster tip area is securely erased.

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File Name and Attributes Mangling

Advanced File Shredder ensures that the file name and creation date would not be recoverable. For example (which is unlikely but may happen) you may use "private meeting with competitors 2001-07-03.doc" as a file name. In case this file name is not mangled a recovery software may still recover the name of the file.

Product info:
Current version 1.16 (Nov 4th, 2010)
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Registered version price: USD $29.95
Operating Systems: ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7

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